Two wheeler Chassis Marking Machine

C-Link has proven expertise in manufacturing of marking automation. Till date C-Link has successfully provided marking automation solutions for variety of material. The marking methods employed are dot pin marking, laser marking and scribing. C-Link provides both stand alone marking machines as well as can integrate the marking systems with existing setup in plants. The video link shows a video of two wheeler chassis marking machine which demonstrates the capabilities of C-Link.

Features of Chassis Marking Automation
( As can be seen in video ) :

 Simple yet sturdy mechanical design suitable for continuous production.
 PLC based control logic using branded PLC for reliable and safe operation.
 Use of industrial grade steel for sturdy and reliable mechanical structure.
 Flexibility in design to cater to different sizes of chassis frames.
 Use of branded components for higher reliability and maintenance free operation
 Customization as per customer requirements.
 24X7 support

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