CNC Dot pin

Today marking systems are used for variety of marking applications. The market in India today is buzzing with many global and local brands of marking machine manufacturers. The technologies offered by such suppliers are either dot pin marking both electric and pneumatic, scribing or laser based engraving. However even with the availability of such wide technologies and brands the customer may not find the right solution. C-Link has the technical expertise to provide dot pin marking, laser marking solutions to the customer which otherwise cannot be met by using the existing marking machines.

Features of CNC Dot Pin Marking Machine
( As can be seen in video ) :

 Transfers CAD drawing onto the metal plate.
  No limits on size of marking.
 No dependency on unknown motors and electronics as the systems uses known brands.
 Use of PC based control means use of graphical displays, inputs on mouse clicks, unlimited data acquisition and easy maintenance.
  Sturdy design with industrial safety features.
  Software, Hardware and Mechanical customization as per customer needs.
  Use of servo motors for high speed operation and reduced cycle time.
  Duel marking methods, dot pin marking and ink marking.
 Specialised dispensing controller for inking cycle thus preventing waste of ink and provision for quick filling.
 24X7 support

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