C-Link excels in manufacturing of Gantries or X-Y-Z linear motion system widely used in many industries like foundry, steel manufacturing, component manufacturing for applications like pick & place, dispensing, loading & unloading, packaging, stacking and so on. This type of automation uses pneumatic, hydraulic and electric drives based on the end application.Click on the image below to see how a mould weighing around half ton is transferred to high pressure moulding line in a foundry industry. The system is built around servo hydraulics.

Features of Core Setting Gantry
( As can be seen in video ) :

 Servo hydraulic for precise control and speed.
 PLC control with touch screen interface.
 Sturdy mechanical design for reliable and long term operation.
 Use of industrial grade steel for fabrication.
 User friendly error reporting software for quick trouble shooting.
 Use of branded components for higher reliability and maintenance free operation.
 Customization as per customer requirements.
 24X7 support

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