Cylinder Block Inspection Machine

Today in India we find many areas where visual inspection is used for checking the finished or in process components. The visual inspection checks defects like missing operation, incorrect assembly of components, incomplete machining, presence or absence of unwanted assembly components. However as the Indian industry integrates with world economy only those players will be able to retain and increase their share in the market who are able to adopt best practices in the working environment. So today automation becomes the obvious choice of manufacturing industry to increase productivity and quality of the products. As the labor becomes costly and expertise becomes scarce, the cost of visual inspection is also increasing. This leaves no scope for the manufacturers but to embrace automated inspection systems, Machine Vision Inspection Systems being one of them We at C-link solution have expertise in providing Machine Vision Inspection Systems which can replace the existing visual inspections systems. Click on the image below to watch video of how camera based inspection system can be used to end practice of visual inspection so as to make the inspection free from any manual error and thus make the output hundred percent defect free.

 Fully Automated System, No manual intervention required.
  PC based user interface for auto and manual operations.
 Graphical display of results.
  Password based control for safe operation.
  Powerful image processing algorithms giving accurate results EVEN with 10 mm positional shift.
 Auto component detection for 3 & 4 cylinder. High frequency OK-NG dimple mark.
  Unlimited storage of results with image files.

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