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C-Link provides custom solutions in deburring automation. Deburring is a process of removing rough edges, ridges on component which are inevitable formed during manufacturing process especially metal cutting operation. Generally deburring is performed by hand operated electric or pneumatic tools and makes it a laborious and monotonous process. Precisely due to this automation can help a great deal in increasing the productivity, quality of the process and also freeing humans from monotonous work.

Following information shows a typical high speed PLC based deburring machine used for removing burrs on small rings formed during CNC machining. This machine replaces the manual method of deburring the components and thus helps boost productivity, quality of the process. As can be seen the machine consists of bowl feeding arrangement for loading and feeding the components to a fixture. The fixture locates the components one by one in front of a reciprocating deburring tool.


( As can be seen in video ) :